Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Boardgame Review: Duck! Duck! Go!

Recently, it was international Tabletop day, so my local gaming store decided to hold a massive tournament of Duck! Duck! Go! (there were 12 players)

So, what is "Duck! Duck! Go!"?

It's a fun, fast paced game, where the object is to pass over buoys using your rubber duckie. Once a player has collected all of the buoys, they then have to get to the drain tile (of which there is only one) and escape. Seems simple, right? Well, there are more elements to the game that increase its challenge level as well as the fun you have with it. For example, there is duckie bonking, which is where you knock another player's duck away by landing on the same hex as them. They then follow the path you were travelling, and you can force them to face the direction of your choice once they stop. Which brings me onto movement. In the game, your movement is controlled by cards which you choose at random. The number on each card determines turn order, and the card has a path set out on it for you to follow. If two players have the same card, they take their turns simultaneously. There are also life rings, which act as teleports within the game- quite handy if you want to avoid other players, but you have to land on them rather than passing over them to use them.

How much is it?

Duck! Duck! Go is a relatively cheap game, at around £20-£25, and in the box you get 4 ducks as well as a bunch of tiles! You can also combine Duck! Duck! Go! sets to make the game bigger and more challenging, which makes it a brilliant party game!

So, what do you think of it?

Whilst I was playing the game, I was really enjoying myself. We were playing in teams of 2, so the game had both competitive and co-operative aspects, which is a really fun way of playing it!


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