Monday, 6 May 2013

Yogventures (Alpha)

This game has been created by a games developer called Winterkewl, alongside the Yogscast. It's a fun little open-world game, but as with many Alpha builds it still has a ton of bugs.

Character creation

The character creation in Yogventures is one of its main good points at the moment. Unlike Minecraft or other similar games, Yogventures allows you to change your character's appearance in game and you get cool things like capes or wizard's cloaks, which is quite cool.

The controls

Currently, Yogventures lacks the ability for you to configure your own controls- which is a little upsetting, but understandable as that's more a case of tweaking the game as opposed to the other fixes which are gonna have to happen before they're ready to release the game in a full state.

So, it's like Minecraft- right?

I'm still yet to come to this conclusion, as fighting mobs still isn't implemented, but the system of digging and building has very much been inspired by Minecraft- something that neither Winterkewl or the Yogscast would probably deny.

How well does the game actually play?

At the moment, because it's in Alpha, the game is very buggy and doesn't play brilliantly- I had one world where you couldn't leave the hill and had to walk in a straight line forever. But the graphics are pretty good and the game plays a lot better than some other games I've had the ability to Alpha test.

Once it's out, the game will be available on Steam- so I recommend you check it out!


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