Monday, 1 April 2013


I'll admit that this is a pretty old title, but I've never owned an Xbox, so for me this game was never one I could play. Pretty recently though, a friend and I decided to give it a couple of plays.

The game is quite a kooky little thing, with the main character ageing at a hellishly amusing rate and randomly awesome game content like the ability to have a title (going round as a good guy called 'Sabre' amused me) make this game a joy to play. Of course, I'm not used to an Xbox controller but the controls are pretty easy once you get a hang of them and you almost don't notice the combos you're doing.

The choice system

In this game there are a lot of choices you have to make and these determine if you're good or evil. There are  choices that range from the quests to take (i.e. do you rob the farm or stop it from being robbed) to the people you kill (should you really kill that annoying trader?) and it makes for a fun game mechanic but other than altering the image of your character (evil- horns, good= halo) and the game ending, it doesn't really have a purpose.

Fighing and weapons

The game has quite an easy to grasp fighting system and there's a massive choice of which weapon to wield- I tended to go for the obsidian katana because it looked awesome. Not only that, but you can make your weapons (both ranged and melee) more powerful by augmenting them with fire etc- quite a nice touch, as this allows you to one-hit K.O enemies that usually take several hits.

Overall thoughts

This game is awesome, even if it is old. I found no bugs and had a lot of fun being both the bad guy and the good guy (we even made up a story as to why he was evil). I suggest you grab it (or the Lost Chapters version, which is apparently a lot better and available on Steam) and give it a go.


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